Abby Hardage

Instructor: Perf & Tech

Abby fell in love with dancing at 8 years old when her cousins introduced her to it and she danced through grade school on her High School Drill Team here in Wylie. Abby received her Bachelor of Arts degree in dance from Texas Tech (wreck em!) after changing her major from nursing because she kept being called to dance and to pursue her passion in teaching dance. Abby’s mission is to have a positive impact on each student and that by the time they leave her class they have a better understanding of their purpose and who they are.

Her main goal is that dancers from all backgrounds understand they have a place in the arts, and can grow exponentially in so many ways through dance. Her hope is that dancers can gain integral knowledge about not only dance skills but life skills as well. She continues to dance and teach because it brings joy to her soul and to her life. Her favorite teaching moments are witnessing these lightbulb moments when dancers finally have an understanding of movement or successfully complete a skill.