Saxon Wilson

Saxon Wilson

Instructor: Assembly, Perf & Tech

I started dancing in a preschool combo class at the age of 2 in Mansfield Tx. I initially started dancing because my preschool had a joint program with the studio. A bus would take us to dance classes once a week. It was there my relationship with dance started. I was then educated at Stagedoor Dance Centre in Mansfield Tx from ages 2-18, under the ownership and direction of Joanna Bennet.

Over the years, I’ve trained with Rhonda Miller, Daryll Rhetter, and Laurie Johnson. The defining moment for me was my first dance convention; I’d never seen such class energy and support. To this day, I would still say taking classes is the best part of being a dancer.

My goal is to inspire every dancer in the room to have the confidence, and when they mess up, try it gain.

My goals for my students are to fall in love with the work and the process.

I’m inspired by Chloe Arnold, Debbie Allen, Gregory Hines… but mostly I’m inspired by the dance community around me. Watching people I grew up with the develop and truly blossom has inspired me to do the same.

I continue to dance because I have to. It’s the only way I truly feel comfortable expressing myself.

My goal as an instructor at KPCA is to provoke a confidence that can’t be shaken!